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Heal Yourself. Change Your Life

Oct 21, 2021

Today’s volunteer, Natalie, like so many others, has underlying feelings of “not being good enough” or being overwhelmed and experiences feelings of frustration. Over a period of time, these feelings can really get to you at a subconscious level which is the case with Natalie. She is used to being an overachiever who tries her best and has such a beautiful heart and is so strong, yet as these emotions come up, they have been so painful that she has to hold back her tears to talk about them. As you will see in working with Natalie, these emotions can impact you more than you realize at a subconscious level, even if you are someone who is strong.

You may have one or even all of these emotional patterns going on in your life. I know that I have been there personally when I was going through my injury, and I see many others who are in this place in day-to-day life – due to work or family or covid, or a variety of situations.  And, unfortunately, the very things that people are doing to get out of the situation can actually keep them stuck – such as sitting and “processing” the feelings of not being good enough (while these emotions may not even make “logical” sense).  Or, in other cases, when people are overwhelmed, they create a big, wonderful vision of what they want their life to be like – and yet this can leave them feeling even more overwhelmed and not good enough. 
That said, in today’s episode as I work with my wonderful volunteer Natalie, she is able to have insights that can help her to begin to shift this pattern.
As to not overwhelm you, this episode is bite-size information that we will build on to help you create a shift in your own life.

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